How to get



We are located 1 hour 45 minutes from the reondel of the Half of the World, taking route to Calacalí Independencia, pass Nanegalito and continue until passing the gas station, a little later they find the big sign that says Tulip Museum, via Pact to The Armenian , enter on the right hand side, pass the small towns of Armenia, St. Helena, Tulipe, continue to the next small town that is Gualea Cruz, There take the cobbled road that says Via al Chontal, are 6 kilometers, a little further the road is laminated to continue by passing the puthere El Porvenir, a little further on until you see the label of Yumbo Spa and turn left.

How to get to Yumbo Spa and Resort?


We are located in the heart of the cloud forest, away from the shock and pollution of the capital, but within walking distance, just a 90-minute drive away. The road to Yumbo is a steep winding highway through picturesque wooded mountains, leading to quiet village roads and country trails as you approach the resort.

Directions from Quito


1. From the Half of the World take the calacalí – La Independencia road.

2. Drive 46 km (passNnegalito), and continue to the gas station until you get a Tulipe Museum sign and from there turn right via pact- the Armenian, this is the Pact – Chontal road.

3. From this point drive 12 km and you will find the Archaeological Museum of Tulipe. 1 km after the museum you will find a “Y” with another Yumbo sign indicating that you must turn right on the cobbled road. Follow 5 km and you will pass the village of El Porvenir. Shortly afterwards you will find the last Yumbo sign that indicates turning left. 600 meters down you’ll reach the entrance.

Total distance: 66 km
Duration: 1h. 30 minutes.

NOTE: It is recommended to use the Waze app for your quick arrival.


How to get there by bus from Quito?


Option 1: La Ofelia station, Interparroquial bus stop, Office of Mine Transport, buy bus ticket that goes to Chontal, must say that it goes to El Porvenir, we wait for you there and we transfer you to the hotel that is 5 minutes, the ticket costs $2.50.

Option 2: At La Ofelia Station, buy a ticket for any bus that passes through Nanegalito, there you can take a rental van, you must ask Mr. of the van to take you a little beyond El Porvenir, to Yumbo Spa. Negotiate $15 a race.